Natural quartz is one of nature’s hardest materials. Our slabs are engineered consisting of 95% quartz miner along with resin made up of polymers and pigments. Since it is a man-made material, it can come in a broad variety of colors and textures.

Some of the main benefits of quartz are:

Scratch and stain resistant 

Low maintenance

Resistant to household chemicals

Workability of the material

Non porous material

Impact resistance

Fire resistance

Care & Maintenance

Quartz is a pore less material that is characterized by its hardness and its high resistance to stains, which makes it a surface that is easy to clean. Because of its nature and finish, quartz surfaces are glossy but in order to avoid deterioration, a few steps must be followed:

a) Clean regularly with lukewarm water and neutral soap. Dry with a paper towel.

b) Even though quartz is resistant to stains, wine, lemon juice, vinegar, tea, soda can damage the surface if not cleaned promptly.

c) Even though quartz surfaces are heat and impact resistant, we recommend using cutting boards and bases to place hot objects.

d) To remove greasy stains, use a degreaser with a pH below 10 and chlorine free.


a) Avoid using abrasive materials.

b) Do not use sealants to increase glossiness.

c) Do not polish surfaces.